Community Resilience

The resilience of a community in times of emergency can be enhanced by planning and preparation. In the event of extreme weather, for example, the community can minimise the event impacts and return to normal as soon as possible.



Chew Valley Flood Forum

If you have been impacted by flooding this community based group aims to both find ways of reducing flood risk or impact, and also as a self help forum where individuals can meet and share concerns or issues.

The Chew Valley Flood Forum will be aligned with, and using the model of the National Flood Forum. In the first instance it was agreed that WERN would facilitate and host this group. The purpose of the forum is for people affected by flooding to have a way of;

  • Sharing experiences and offering mutual support
  • Engaging with agencies in a collective and coordinated way
  • Being a effective voice for lobbing on national issues like insurance
  • Developing coordinated flood plans
  • Other issues or priorities raised by the group

This initial meeting will look at what a self-help group could achieve, what’s already been done and how local residents can make a difference. We will also be discussing the issue of insurance with a view to contacting and lobbying local MPs and other practical steps.

For more information about this event please see  email info(at)

Chew Valley Flooding
At the February 2013 meeting of the Chew Valley Area Partnership  a review of the 2012 flooding took place a strategic level and at a detailed local level.

One of the agreed outcomes was to look at setting up local Chew Valley Flood Forum.

The outcome of the second part of this review was a ‘Crowd sourced’ map put together by the attendees. This draft map is now being made available online whilst further refinements take place and other outcomes of the meeting can be processed.

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