Oil Buying

Would you like to save money on your heating oil?

West of England Rural Network has set up, in partnership with a number of neighbouring rural community councils, a bulk oil buying scheme to help people in our area to save money on the cost of heating oil.  We do this by combining orders from all over our area and placing a bulk order each month at the lowest available price from all suppliers, negotiated by our expert in domestic oil prices.

How can I make savings on my oil bill?

By joining our community oil buying scheme; you can download a membership form or ask for a copy to be sent by post.  There is an annual fee of £20 for householders (£30 for community buildings including churches, schools and village halls and £100 for businesses).  Thanks to a grant from Quartet Community Foundation, we also have a limited number of FREE memberships for anyone over 70 who struggles to pay their heating bills.  The average saving (based on the last 12 months) for a 1,000 litre order is about £40, so you could easily recover your membership fee with your first order.  The minimum order is just 500 litres, and the price isn’t any higher for small orders.

Free memberships for those over 70 who struggle to pay their heating bills

We are currently able to offer FREE memberships to any household in the West of England (Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire) which includes one or more person over 70 and who struggle to afford their heating bill.  This is thanks to an award from Quartet Community Foundation from their ‘Affording Winter’ fund.  If you would like to apply simply tick the appropriate box on our membership form.

How does it work?

Every month we will ask you (by email for most members) if you need heating oil this month.  You then let us know if you wish to place an order. We then negotiate the best price from all the suppliers.  Because we are buying for a large number of customers, we can negotiate hard on the members’ behalf.

Once we have negotiated the price, we let you know approximately when the delivery will be, who the supplier is and how much your delivery will cost.  The supplier will then start making deliveries thoughout a two week window.  If you need to be in for your delivery, just let us know and we will make sure the supplier contacts you before delivery. Your oil is then delivered and you pay the supplier directly at the price agreed by us.

How much can I save?

Oil prices vary month to month, day to day and even hour to hour.  Our heating oil price expert is watching wholesale prices at all times and places each monthly order at the optimum moment to secure the best possible price.

Savings each month will vary, however since our scheme was launched in February 2012 our members have achieved an average saving of £41 per delivery of 1000 litres against the average oil price and £94 per delivery compared with the highest oil prices quoted.    The member oil prices compared with the average price quoted and the highest price quoted are shown below:

Month               Members’ Price Average Quoted Price Highest Quoted Price
August 2017 34.48 36.6 37.2
September 2017 37.84 40.05 43.95
October 2017 38.15 44.38 44.70
November 2017 40.50 41.51 41.95
December 2017 42.55 44.93 49.00
January 2018 46.30 51.08 55.90
February 2018 44.5 47.16 47.50
March 2018 49.95 57.77 60.0
April 2018 47.2 52.8 57.95
May 2018 47.2 51 54.95
June 2018 47.04 51.23 54.45
July 2018 47.7 51.54 53.95

(All prices quoted as pence per litre not inclusive of VAT at 5%)

Any Questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions page, send an email to oil(a)wern.org.uk or call us on 01275 333701.

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